At the office or at home.
You have 10 (or more) guests and need a WOW! meal.
Choose any one of our suggested meals and enjoy.

All meals are accompanied with a
green salad, seasonal veggies,
seasoned basmati rice or herb roast potatoes or a bread basket

Vegan stew with chunky vegetables $16.25  
Vegan lentil, tofu & veggie stew $16.95  
Eggplant Parmigiana $17.25  
Baked vegetables in mushrooms and cream $17.75  
 Rosemary BBQ $19.25  
 Thai basil pesto $19.25  
 Tandoori $19.25  
 Indian Butter $19.75  
 Lemon-herb $19.25  
 Curry $20.50  
 Parmigiana $19.95  
 Vindaloo $22.95  
 Curry $22.95  
Garlic-rosemary Stew $22.95  
Saagwala $22.95  
Teriyaki Salmon $22.50  
Tandoori Salmon $22.50  
Masala Salmon $22.50  
Pineapple  $22.50  
Pan seared curry Salmon $22.50  

All prices are per person and a minimum of 10 guests is required. For more than 10 guests a two-choice menu can be requested.